June 7, 2021

Zombie Inspiration

By Adam Wallace


Join me, Adam Wallace, as I journey into the apocalypse, where I discover just how AWESOME and INSPIRATIONAL zombies really are.


They are!

They’re like a self-help guru who wants to suck out your eyeballs … okay, so yeah, they have bad points too. But overall?

INSPIRATIONAL! See, zombies don’t just chew on brains and guts, to get there they have to set a goal, focus on that goal, try really hard, take action and all these other cool things we can learn from, all while they are stinky and smelly and gross and disgusting. It’s the perfect mix!


Did you know that Zombies can be inspirational? I didn’t… until I read this book.

In his usual hilarious style, Adam Wallace has written a self-help book especially for teens that doesn’t resemble any other self-help book on the market.

There are some fantastic lessons for teens, and all of us, about living life inspired by zombies including setting goals and going for them.

This book should be in school libraries everywhere as both a fun story and as encouragement for kids on living a full life. We should all take inspiration from Zombies.

While this was originally listed as a Young Adult book (for teens), it has lessons for all ages. My son has read this to his cousins who are around 10 years his junior, and they all enjoyed the adventure.

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