Writing Prompts

Many young writers want to write a story, they just don’t know where to start.

Every week, we share a writing prompt to kick start a story. They are included in our weekly newsletter and you can find them all here.

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Box Creations

It’s the middle of the school holidays and you’re bored. You’ve watched all the shows on Netflix and mastered your favourite computer games and read

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Christmas Concert

You think you are going to perform in the school Christmas concert, but instead you find yourself on stage as the support act for your

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Christmas Pet

You have been given a new pet for Christmas – a baby reindeer! Write about what happens next and how you care for it, especially

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Colour Blind

You wake up and your favourite colour is missing in the world. You remember that colour, but no one else does. How do you describe

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Reading Teddy’s

You come home one day to find all your books scattered on the floor and your soft toys reading them! Write a story about what

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Villain’s Backstory

There are many movies about the back story of well-known heroes and villains. Use some of that as inspiration in this weeks writing prompt. Write

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Donut Days

Write a story that features donuts. Add one of the following to your story: A week The number Six Days of the week Something exciting

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Opening Lines

Pick up a book that is near you. It could be a picture book, novel, text book, or any other book. Write down the first

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