Writing Prompts

Many young writers want to write a story, they just don’t know where to start.

Every week, we share a writing prompt to kick start a story. They are included in our weekly newsletter and you can find them all here.

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Climb a Tree

In your back yard, there is an awesome climbing tree. Write a story about climbing that tree. You can write a descriptive piece, or use

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Birds Eye View

Write a story about a group of kids playing outside – from the point of view of the birds who watch them. Your setting could

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Movie Snacks

On a trip to the movies with your friends, you decide to get something other than popcorn for your movie snacks. Next to the cinema

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Don’t Touch

You come into the kitchen to find an open box of amazing chocolates on the bench. There is a note on the top that says

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Hanging out the Washing

Whenever the clothes are hung on the washing line at your house, the clothes pegs are arranged in a particular way, one that you don’t

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Thought Bubbles

One day, you find that everyone can see your thoughts via a thought bubble above your head! Write a story about what happens. You may

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Coloured Pencils

You are not the best artists, but you enjoy attending art classes every week.One week, you start using a packet of coloured pencils that were

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Alien Teacher

It is the first day of school, and you notice something odd about your teacher. Instead of the teacher you were expecting, up the front

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Save the World!

You play around with some old dress-ups and mix and match various items to make a super hero outfit, complete with cape and mask. Before

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