Writing Prompts

Many young writers want to write a story, they just don’t know where to start.

Every week, we share a writing prompt to kick start a story. They are included in our weekly newsletter and you can find them all here.

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No ordinary art class

You attend an art (or photography) class.  This is no ordinary class – everything to create comes to life!  Write a story about your class,

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Life as a Toddler

You wake up one morning and, instead of being the age you are, you find you’re back to being a toddler or pre-schooler! Write a

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Where’s Mum?

You wake up, the same as you do every morning, but today you find out your Mum is not what she seems. She could be

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Backwards Day

Write a story about a backwards day – a day that starts with dinner and ends with breakfast. What happens during your day? Be as

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Unexpected Concert

You dream of having a drum kit and learning to play the drums, but your parents don’t want you to have one, so you use

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A New Holiday

Today, create your own National or International holiday. This would be a day when businesses close so people can have a day off work and

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The Horse Race

You are sitting in class, and all of a sudden, you see a horse race out the window of your classroom! It takes a few

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Create a Creature

When British scientists first saw the Australian platypus, they thought it was a hoax. This was in the late 18th Century.  This week, create your

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