Virtual Writers Group

Are you the parent of a talented young author with plenty of stories to share? Develop their creative writing skills in this workshop with author Melissa Gijsbers!

What will you learn?

In Virtual Writers Group, your child discover just how much fun writing can be! They’ll learn plenty of helpful tips and tricks to help them tell fantastic stories.

The activities in this sessions are designed to help:

  • develop their own unique writing style
  • meet other likeminded young writers
  • have fun with crazy writing prompts
  • ask a published author all their writing questions.

These sessions promote the development of literacy and creativity skills. The program is designed to help young writers explore new concepts and participate in engaging creative writing activities.

Is this program for you?

The Virtual Writers’ Group for Young Writers is an excellent program for soon-to-be authors who need a little help on the way to publication. This session will enable you to work alongside other young writers and to uncover their writing talents.


Sessions are run via Zoom and continue during most school holidays.

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My son has always felt the need to shield himself from writing and reading as he suffers anxiety and is still on his reading and writing journey. He doesn’t just pick up a book, nor does he or can he write from his head.

We attended our first session, with the Writer’s Club last year and he spent more then half of it listening to Melissa and the other participants. This in itself was good to see. We started homeschooling Kaydn from term four 2020 due to lack of mainstream support and labelling which wasn’t favourable.

Melissa encouraged us to participate and attend and gave us the idea of Master 8 using technology to dictate and transcribe his stories into words.

We started doing this and since that time he has half a dozen stories he has done and is so relaxed doing it this way. He feels like he is included and contributing.

He was an excited and genuinely proud of himself that a story of his was included in a newsletter and then he found out that he was included an the second anthology.

We thank Melissa for how she acknowledges him and she encourages him without overwhelming him.

He has just needed someone to champion him, to get him and to realise he has so much to offer in a way that makes sense to him.

Ree Barrow, Western Australia