May 12, 2021

Write Lists

One fun activity to do is to write a list.

Writing a list can be a fun warm up activity or can help with planning your story. It can also be a way to move your story forward when you’re completely stuck.

Here are a few ideas for lists to get you started:

  • What is in your characters bedroom, or another room in their home
  • Names that start with a certain letter of the alphabet
  • Crazy uses for an object
  • The food your characters eat or what they drink
  • Random words that come to mind in 30 seconds
  • Words that can be used to describe something
  • Colours
  • Crazy excuses for running late or forgetting to do your homework

With some lists, you may want to set a timer to see how many words you can come up with in that time. Other lists you may keep on file to add as you work out the details in your story.

In general, these lists are purely for your own fun, however there are some authors who have been able to include lists in their stories. One example is Tim Harris in his Mr Bambuckle’s Remarkables series. If you’re looking at including lists in your story, then I highly recommend reading these books to see one example of how this is done well.

If you have writers block, a list can help break the block and help get your creative juices flowing once again, especially if you choose one of the sillier lists and just let your imagination fly.

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