May 5, 2021

Write Fan Fiction

Fan fiction is writing a story using the characters and settings from a TV show, movie, or book.

A lot of young, and older, writers write fan fiction. These are often short stories based on the writers favourite fictional universe, and they are a lot of fun to write.

If you have a young writer who is struggling to get started with a story, suggest they write something based on their favourite fictional characters.

Some ideas include:

  • alternative ending to a story
  • putting the characters in an ordinary to you setting (such as going to the shop to buy some milk)
  • mixing the characters from more than one story
  • adding a scene to a movie, book, or TV show
  • write the story of a minor character
  • writing a typical day, or a special day (such as Christmas)

Using a fictional universe that has already been created means your child will have characters and settings they are already familiar with, which means they can focus on the story rather than coming up with characters and setting too.

This is also an extension to the games many kids would play when they’re small when they pretend to be their favourite movie princess or superhero. Instead of dressing up as that character, they are writing a story using those same characters.

Writing some fan fiction can be a great way to get started and to play with putting characters in different scenarios, and kids will have fun bringing their favourite characters to life.

This can be a great way to get reluctant writers to write a story as well as a fun exercise for more experienced writers to just have some fun.

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