April 7, 2021

Write an A-Z Story

A parent in our Facebook group asked for some ideas to get her young writer to focus.

Today, we’re sharing one silly exercise that we’ve done quite a few times in Virtual Writers Group. It’s completely silly, but it keeps kids focused.

Write an A-Z story. This is a story that is only 26 sentences long, great for those who are easily distracted as they can see the end. Each sentence must start with the next letter of the alphabet!

You can leave these with an open theme, or you can mix it up and add a theme, such as a holiday or something your child is particularly interested in.

These stories always get silly, especially when you get to X (so many stories feature xylophones and x-rays!), but that’s OK. Being silly is part of the fun.

Kids will see the end point of this exercise in that they have 26 sentences and can count them off. They will also have a sense of achievement when they finish this story. They will realise it’s OK to be silly and just have fun with a story.

Give it a go with your kids. Write a 26 sentence story of your own and let us know how you go.

If you have any questions about getting kids writing and having fun writing, join our Facebook group or Contact Us.

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