April 14, 2021

Write a Letter

Writing isn’t just about writing stories or poems. You can write just about anything.

One way to encourage kids to write is to get them to write a letter to someone.

Writing letters is something that not many people do any more, however it is a great way to express yourself in words.

When my kids were in Primary school and we did this regularly, I set some simple rules – each letter was to have at least four paragraphs and each paragraph would have at least two sentences.

Some of the letters they write could include:

  • a thank you letter for Christmas or birthday gifts, or some other nice thing someone has done
  • a letter to the Prime Minister or their local member of parliament
  • a fan letter to an author, band, radio station, etc
  • a letter to the editor about a local issue for your local newspaper
  • a letter to grandparents or friends just telling them about their day and what is going on their lives
  • Something else

Once the letter has been written, send it to the person it’s addressed to and see if they write back. My older son wrote a letter to the Prime Minister and got a reply, that was really exciting.

Writing a letter can give a purpose to the task and is great for kids who need a reason to write. The bonus of a reply adds to the fun of letter writing.

If you do this exercise, please let us know how you go, and whether or not you receive a reply. Remember, replies can take time to arrive.

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