August 23, 2021

Wildest Book Week Ever

By Heath McKenzie


It’s Book Week! The time to dress up as your favourite character. Who goes too far? Who doesn’t go far enough? And who will win first prize?

Find out in the wildest book week EVER!


Love it or hate it, Book Week is a time when kids in Primary School get dressed up as their favourite characters from books, or whatever characters are the easiest for their parents to find costumes for!

The Wildest Book Week Ever celebrates the annual Book Week parade.

Told from the point of view of a news reporter sharing the events of Book Week with his viewers, every parent and child who has ever attended a Book Week parade will recognise themselves in the different categories of costume.

The illustrations are bright and fun and show off costumes from books that will be easily recognisable. I also enjoyed the teachers getting in on the fun.

The Wildest Book Week Ever! is a book that parents and kids will enjoy, and may even provide some inspiration for parents looking for costume ideas.

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