April 30, 2021

Where to find ideas

One question that comes up time and time again is: Where do ideas come from?

The simple answer is – they come from all sorts of places!

Some of them are:

  • Dreams – every now and again, do you wake up in the morning after a particularly good dream and think That would make a great novel!. If you do, write the dream down and either work on it at the time, or save it to work on at a later date.
  • Real life – life is a great way to find ideas. Pay attention at things around you and write them down. You never know when events can come in handy for a story. Be sure to change the events so they are a fictional account of the event. I often change things so they have a different outcome, or the way things I wish would happen.
  • Writing prompts – there are many writing prompts available online, we also post prompts in our email newsletter each week, as well as give them in The Clubhouse and in Virtual Writers Group. The beauty about writing prompts is that they can be interpreted in many different ways.
  • Random thoughts – Every so often, a random thought may pop into your head and you think That’s awesome!. Write it down before it’s forgotten so you can use it later, as usually these thoughts will come at the most inconvenient moments!

Ideas for stories can come from anywhere! Keep your mind open and you never know when your next best-selling idea will come to you.

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