August 16, 2021

Tilly Milpepper and the Wishing Stone

By NE Narracott


What would you wish for if you were given a wishing stone? Yes, a real wishing stone because that’s what Uncle Leonardo gave Tilly Millpepper on her tenth birthday. As things turned out, it was just the beginning of her magical adventures.

When she and her family move temporarily from London to a large house in the Essex countryside, they discover several unexpected animals, including a pony for Tilly to learn to ride. But that’s not all they discover, for there is also a creepy witch-like housekeeper, who seems to be looking for something.


Moving house, strange stones, and being able to talk to animals, these are all elements of Tilly Millpepper and the Wishing Stone.

Tilly has a quirky uncle who sends her unusual gifts for her birthday, then she finds she has to move house, away from her friends. Between the strange stone from her uncle and the discovery there is a pony on the property where she is staying, Tilly finds that living in her new home is a lot of fun.

This was an enjoyable story with themes about friendship, making the most of new situations, and trying new things.

If you have a child that loves stories about horses, this book is sure to be a hit. Even if they’re not huge horse fans, they will still enjoy this story of friendship and adventure.

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