June 28, 2021

The Unlikely Grand Final

By Judd Denman


It is every Aussie kid’s dream to kick a goal after the siren to win their team the match.

But imagine actually getting the chance to win the AFL grand final off your own boot.

When disaster strikes the Essendon Football Club on the biggest day of the year, three unlikely heroes take centre stage in the most remarkable of ways.

But first, they need to overcome their own nerves, the huge crowd and the talented opposition.

This is a story for those that dream big, that proves that, sometimes, miracles really do happen.

It is time for the first bounce of The Unlikely Grand Final


Judd Denman is a young writer from Victoria who has written about his dreams of winning the AFL Grand Final for his team, Essendon. This is a dream my son had when he was in Primary School, although his team was Geelong. Many kids in Victoria have the same dream.

A fun story for kids with big dreams of taking their AFL team to glory in September. Kids who are in to other sports will also enjoy this story as Judd does a great job of explaining what is happening on the ground so those who don’t know a lot about AFL will be able to follow the action.

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