July 12, 2021

The Lady with the Lamp

By Jane Smith


London! When Simone invites Carly and Dora to stay with her parents in England on holiday, they’re looking forward to an adventure – but they’re not expecting to go back to the past, let alone face discrimination, disease and danger! Thrust back into London of over a hundred years ago, when women were not allowed to have real careers, they meet one woman who is about to change it all: Florence Nightingale. Through war and peace, Carly and her friends learn that courage sometimes means owning up to your mistakes. In this empowering new series feisty tween and time-traveller Carly Mills discovers how the female pioneers paved the way to help change the world.


There is something special about a novel that mixes fiction with aspects of history, especially when it’s done well. The best thing about it is that you can learn something without realising it because you’re enjoying the book so much.

The Lady with the Lamp by Jane Smith is a book that fits this category.

Carly and her friends, Dora and Simone, go to London, they go back in time to meet Florence Nightingale during different points of her life, before, during and after the nursing activities that helped make her famous.

I really enjoyed this adventure. The girls were relatable to modern readers, as was their friendship. I also learned a lot about Florence Nightingale that I didn’t know about before reading the book.

The descriptions of their time in the Crimean War were powerful. I knew things were bad, however I didn’t know quite how bad it was! Young writers will learn a lot about life in a different time, including the smell.

The Lady with the Lamp is a fantastic story that will teach young writers a lot about a strong female role model from history as well as give them a great adventure.

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