May 3, 2021

Thadities and the Clan: The Wildwoods of First

By Carolyn Wyrsch & illustrated by Merran Nuzum


Oak, squire to the kindly Sir Glyneath, is thrilled when he wins the quintain contest at the cheval tournament. Pleased that he has not let his master down, Oak hopes to bask in the glory for a few days. But the next morning when he awakens to a deserted castle, Oak is left alone, terrified, and wondering where the hundreds of residents have gone without him.

With the castle now empty, Oak decides to venture out into the woods in search of answers. His attempt to solve the mystery is interrupted when he encounters a group of elderly dragons in search of a brave knight to help them on a frightening quest to save the wildwoods and the dragons’ realm. As a knight-in-training, Oak is the closest thing around. After he is recruited to join the quest, Oak soon discovers there is much to learn and endure. Now all he can do is hope he’s equal to the job—and that one day, he will find his way back to his beloved castle and master.

Thadities and the Clan is the story of a squire’s exciting adventure after he bands with a group of elderly dragons to save the wildwoods and the dragons’ realm.


A great adventure with dragons, adventure, elementals, and a voyage of self-discovery. If you love dragon adventures, then this is a book you should add to your library.

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