September 6, 2021

Stop the Dad Jokes!

By Adrian Beck, illustrated by Simon Greiner


A Father’s Day picture book from funny guy Adrian Beck that will have the whole family laughing.

Warning: Do not show this book to dads!

This book is full of DAD JOKES that are embarrassing, goofy and NOT FUNNY! A trip to the zoo with Dad means seeing lots of animals . . . and hearing plenty of dad jokes too! A hilarious story by Adrian Beck (a dad) illustrated by Simon Greiner (another dad).

The perfect Father’s Day gift and read-aloud story!


Father’s Day was yesterday, if you’ve been a bit disorganised, or want something extra, this is the book you’ve been looking for!

Did you know, it’s not just human dads who tell dad jokes? That may go some way to explain why they are so bad…

Full of dad jokes, this book is a story as much a joke collection as a story. It is one that both kids and parents will enjoy.

Be warned, some kids may decide they have to learn all the jokes ready for when they are dads!!

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