Share Your Writing

Young writers have the opportunity to share their writing in our monthly print newsletter, The Clubhouse.

This newsletter is sent to young writers around Australia with writing tips from published authors as well as stories and poems written by their peers.

Below are the details of how young writers can share their writing with The Clubhouse.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Young writers from around Australia are invited to submit their stories and poems for inclusion in The Clubhouse
  • Due to space restrictions, preference will be given to shorter items, please don’t submit stories that are pages long, as a guide, the maximum word count should be around 1,000 words
  • We encourage young writers to be subscribers of The Clubhouse in order to receive a copy, however you don’t have to be a subscriber to submit your writing.
  • Send your stories to us using the form below, be sure to include the name, age, and state of the author
  • All stories and poems must be the child’s own work
  • Children must have their parents permission to submit stories for publication

Submit Your Story or Poem