April 23, 2021

Not all stories are meant to be published

In Virtual Writers Groups, I often give kids the craziest prompts for stories. It could be anything from a story from random words to a story with 26 sentences where each one starts with the next letter of the alphabet.

Some kids look at me as if I’ve just lost my mind. I can almost read their mind: Why would we write anything so silly?

After attending groups for a while, they embrace the silliness and we have a fantastic time writing and sharing the craziest stories. These are stories that will probably never see the light of day again, and that’s okay.

Many young writers have the view that anything they write should have the goal of submitting to a teacher or having their story published.

Not every story is destined to be published.

I know I’m not the only author who has notebooks full of stories that have just been written for fun, or they are stories that I started that just didn’t quite work as a publishable story. The joy was simply in writing the story.

There may come a day when stories can be revisited and be developed into something that can be published, but often, that’s not the main goal in writing a particular story. The goal is to just be creative and have some fun.

If your young writer is worried that their story isn’t ‘good enough’ for publishing, let them know that they don’t need to worry about that. Ask them if they had fun writing the story. After all, writing is exciting, and so much fun.

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