October 19, 2020

Mysteries of Maybelle

by Imani Benfell


After missing her bus one night, ten-year-old Celina Bliss gets curious and sets off on an adventure to an abandoned castle in the distance. Little does she know that exploring that castle will lead to a reunion with her older sister and then the fight for her life!

Evil Maybelle has destroyed Asa Bliss’s beautiful town, and the other residents are now missing. In their journey to find their family and save the town, Celina and Asa battle through the Frightening Forrest of Fears in search of Maybelle’s good sister, Estelle. Their bravery and passion leads to a final face-off, with sister against sister. Who will win and take control of Northwood?

Imani Benfell has written an adventurous, fast paced story with vivid descriptions and threats around every corner. Readers of fantasy, horror and paranormal mysteries will love every single twist and turn through the Forrest of Northwood and into the terrifying castles of Maybelle and Estelle. Join Celina and her friends as they fight to get back what is theirs.


Imani Benfell is a young writer from Western Australia who has written a great adventure featuring a character with an invisible illness. Each month she chooses a charity to donate proceeds of her book to.

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