May 4, 2021

May 2021

Our April 2021 issue of The Clubhouse has been completed and is on its way to subscribers. There are 12 pages packed full of writing tips, stories and poems by young writers, writing and reading prompts, and more for your enjoyment.

Inside this issue:

Writing Tips:

  • Names inspired by Architecture
  • Tower Writing Prompts
  • My Writing Journey by Kerry Malone
  • Choosing Your Genre by Elizabeth Klein
  • Don’t Stress About the Word Count by Melissa Gijsbers
  • Building Materials
  • Reading Prompts – Towers
  • What do do when Grandma gives the wrong books?

Stories by Young Writers:

  • Playing Drum with Chopsticks and Bowls by James L, Victoria
  • The Harp by Niamh B, ACT
  • The Missing Rainbow by Amelia R, Victoria
  • Nothing Like I’ve Ever Seen Before pt 3 by Charlotte L, Victoria
  • Odd Bunch by Kaydn Barrow, WA
  • A Relaxing Getaway by Sam D, Victoria
  • The Gory Story of Foodland by Shae H, Victoria

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