June 14, 2021

Max Booth Future Sleuth: Map Trap

By Cameron Macintosh


There’s a new sleuth in town — he’s fun, funny, and very 2424!  It’s 2424. Super Sleuth Max Booth is uncovering the secrets of 20th century gadgets with his faithful but slightly neurotic robodog, Oscar. There are sinister characters and challenges along the way. Join the adventure in this fabulous series full of mystery, surprises and suspense. Ideal for reluctant readers.

IF YOU HAVE A MAP, YOU MUST KNOW WHERE YOU’RE GOING… RIGHT? TODAY, MAX ISN’T SO SURE! When Max and his brainy beagle-bot, Oscar, find a
400-year-old navigation unit, they’re shocked to discover that it still seems to work. They trace its owner’s last journey and find themselves on the road to very big trouble!

Far from home, Max and Oscar cross paths with a bunch of bungling burglars, trying to zip away with a precious piece of old-tech art. Max and Oscar will need to map out a rapid plan to catch the thieves and navigate their way out of danger!


In 2021, most kids wouldn’t be aware we used to have devices that were dedicated to helping us find our way around. All of that is now on our smartphones.

In Map Trap, Max and Jessie discover a strange device inside an ancient toaster! Max and his trusty sidekick Oscar go on an adventure to find out what it is.

Once they discover the identity of the object, they then go on a wonderful adventure involving art thieves, old friends, familiar foes, hover-copters, and a race against a dying battery.

Kids will enjoy this adventure, whether or not they have read the other books in the Max Booth Future Sleuth series (although I recommend you read them too).

Cameron Macintosh has imagined a fascinating future that kids will think is very cool, and Dave Atze captures the action in fun illustrations.

A fantastic adventure that kids will love.

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