July 5, 2021

Marlow Brown: Magician in the Making

By Kesta Fleming & illustrated by Marjory Gardner


Marlow Brown dreams of becoming a top-class magician but she has two problems: her special talent for creating chaos, and the fact that Dad won’t stop laughing …

How can she show them, once and for all, what a serious and spectacular magician she really is?


Marlow Brown and her best friend Felix visit Mervin the Magician’s magic show and decides that she would like to be a magician too. Through a number of tricks, Marlow and Felix come up with a plan for a show at a school event.

This is a fantastic story that not only gives kids tips on how to perform magic tricks, but also shows that, even when things go wrong, the world isn’t going to end.

I really enjoyed Marlow’s persistence in learning her tricks and in pushing through even when her dad wouldn’t stop laughing. She also has a clear head when things to in an entirely unexpected direction.

For young readers who are afraid to fail, this is a must-read book, for others, this is a fun story and the opportunity to learn something new.

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We received a copy of this book for review from Books on Tour

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