March 4, 2021

March 2021

Our March 2021 issue of The Clubhouse is at the printer and will be sent to subscribers by the end of the week. There are 12 pages packed full of writing tips, stories and poems by young writers, writing and reading prompts, and more for your enjoyment.

Inside this issue:

Writing Tips:

  • Tips for creating a monster
  • Writing Prompts – Monsters
  • Start Anywhere by Teena Raffa-Mulligan
  • Start With An Idea by Elizabeth Klein
  • Funny Australian Place Names
  • Why You Should Write for Competitions by Nadia L King
  • Reading Prompts – Monsters
  • I’m a teenager, do I really have to stop reading Middle Grade books?

Stories by Young Writers:

  • Bad Things All In One by Ines L, NSW
  • Kapow Cow by Oliver W, QLD
  • Quails Don’t Quack by Evie M, WA
  • Talented Penguins by Sam D, VIC
  • My Robotic Dragon by Lola B, VIC
  • Nothing Like I’d Ever Seen Before (pt 1) by Charlotte L, VIC

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