March 22, 2021

Lizzy’s Dragon

By Melissa Gijsbers


Lizzy is disappointed that her mum will not let her have a pet lizard.

When she finds an odd looking egg in the forest behind her house, she decides to hide it in her bedroom in the hope it will hatch into a lizard. What she gets is ‘Bubbles’, the oddest, fastest growing lizard she has ever seen. It doesn’t take long for her annoying little brother to discover her secret pet. It also doesn’t take long for Bubbles to grow out of her room. Lizzy begins to wonder whether Bubbles is a lizard at all, or something more amazing. But how will Lizzy keep Bubbles a secret? And what will happen to Bubbles if anyone finds out about him?


A fantasy story set in rural Australia that features a girl and her dragon, a bushfire, keeping secrets from parents, and an annoying little brother! A middle grade adventure that will appeal to Australian children.

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