May 26, 2021

Let them write

It can be tempting to hover when our kids are writing and correct their spelling and grammar, as well as push them into writing the sort of story we think they should write.

One of the best things to do, is to just let your children write whatever they want, and then give them feedback only when they ask.

When left to their own devices, kids can come up with the craziest, most imaginative stories you’ll ever read. Not all stories will make sense, not all of them will be well written (most first drafts aren’t great, even those by experienced authors), not all of them will follow conventions of storytelling, but all of them will be full of imagination and your child’s personality.

By letting your kids write without fear of being judged right or wrong with their story, it lets them just be creative and let their imagination run wild. Letting them play with their imagination regularly will help them to catch that imagination and evolve from a crazy mix of ideas into a fantastic story.

Over time, your child will also improve their grammar and spelling, even if it’s recognising that words are spelled incorrectly and sentences don’t sound right. Spelling and grammar can always be fixed up when your child edits the story for their next draft.

Start just letting your child write a story. You’ll be surprised to see what they come up with. Remember to push down your inner critic. If they ask for feedback, look at the storyline rather than the detail of how they wrote the story, at least at the start.

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