April 28, 2021

Ideas Notebook

Sometimes, a snippet of a story idea can come even if it’s not a fully fledged story. These ideas can come at the most unexpected moments, then they’re gone.

Many kids don’t know what to do with this and, when it comes time to sit and write a story, they don’t know where to start.

Encourage your child to keep an Ideas Notebook. This is a place they can write down snippets of story ideas they have. Ideas could include:

  • Story ideas
  • Interesting names for characters or places
  • Sentences that sound like they could lead somewhere
  • Writing prompts that they find around the place
  • Sketches of characters or creatures
  • Any other idea that comes to mind

By keeping an Ideas Notebook, the ideas that come at all sorts of weird and wonderful times can be recorded and are ready to be used when the time comes.

Next time your child is looking for a story idea, they can go through their Ideas Notebook to find an idea to expand on.

The Ideas Notebook can be an actual notebook, or it can be a file or folder on the computer or other electronic device. Choose whatever method works for your child so they can collect all the ideas that float around in their head.

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