August 30, 2021

Harriet and the Secret Librarian

by Debra Clewer


A mysterious librarian appears and Harriet is enthralled. What is the secret she holds? What is her connection with Harriet’s past and future? Harriet and her friend Will discover bullies, lurking dangers and mystery galore. All because of a chance encounter in the local library… or is it?


For many kids, a library is one of their favourite places. Harriet and the Secret Librarian shows that libraries can also be places full of magic and mystery.

Harriet (also known as Harry) has hurt her ankle and can’t attend school while it heals. She’s cranky and bored. Her mother drops her at the local library where she meets Mrs Garner, a volunteer librarian, who re-introduces her to the joy of reading and all the adventures you can have when you’re lost in a good book.

Along with adventures in the library, Harriet hangs out with her friend Will, has her birthday party, and deals with bullies.

This book has a fun story showing that libraries and books are full of magic and can take you on amazing adventures.

The twist at the end about who the secret librarian was is a nice touch and it leaves a satisfying ending to the book as well as leaving the door open for future adventures of Harriet, Will, and the creatures they meet along the way.

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