May 17, 2021

Hadamar – The House of Shudders

By Jason K Foster


A bastard, a shame, a national disgrace.

Nazi Germany is ruled by Hitler’s barbaric policies of racial cleansing.

Ingrid Marchand’s only sin was to be born black.

Horrifying institutions like Hadamar are where the undesirables – including the mentally and physically disabled and children – are systematically tortured, gassed, and executed. It is where Ingrid is humiliated and brutalised and will encounter a depth of hatred the world has never seen before.

On the brink of starvation, can Ingrid survive the horrors of her incarceration and help bring her tormentors to justice?

Hadamar is a gripping tale of survival in a world of hatred, horror and insanity. Based on true events.


A powerful YA novel based on true events during World War 2.

This is a tale about Ingrid, a black girl who is otherwise healthy and intelligent, who is taken and placed in Hadamar for the duration of the war. It follows her journey of survival, and the tug of war between trying to survive and doing what is right.

This book gives insight into what happened with disabled people and people of colour during the holocaust.

It also gives an insight into what German children were taught in school. My 17 year old son couldn’t believe what he was hearing when I read these parts to him. I spoke with the author and these scenes are based on actual lessons!

A well written book that shines a light on some of the atrocities of World War 2 that we rarely hear from. A book that should be in school libraries everywhere.

Please note, this is a book aimed at teenagers and contains some challenging subjects.

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