February 1, 2021

February 2021

The February 2021 issue of The Clubhouse is all packed an on its way to subscribers. There are 12 pages packed full of writing tips, stories and poems by young writers, writing and reading prompts, and more for your enjoyment.

Inside this issue:

Writing Tips:

  • Editing Tip – Rewrite Your Draft
  • Writing Prompts – Back to School
  • Breaking Down Your Writing Goals by Melissa Gijsbers
  • First Draft Tips
  • Worldbuilding Using the Three P’s: Place, Population and Person by Melissa Wray
  • Unusual Places to Set a Story
  • Writing a Series by Sandra Bennett
  • Reading Prompts
  • What to do when you hate reading books for school

Stories by Young Writers:

  • Season’s Change by Florance K, NSW
  • Happy Valley Farm by Oliver W, QLD
  • Book Reviews by Imani B, WA
  • Captain Aringos w-i-ll r-e-a-d by Kaydn B, WA

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