April 21, 2021

Enter Competitions

Some kids can write something just for the joy of writing, others need a reason to write. Regardless of where your child is, entering competitions is a great way to encourage their writing.

Competitions give kids the following:

  • A deadline – there is a closing date that kids have to work to
  • Word limit – many kids write stories that are either too long or too short. Having a word limit means that kids learn how to craft a story to fit the word limit
  • Topic – some competitions have topics for young writers to interpret, giving kids a framework for their stories
  • Polishing – before entering the competition, kids need to edit and polish their story. The editing process is often forgotten for the next story idea, so having a reason to polish and edit their story
  • Prizes – many competitions also have prizes, anything from cash to books. Not every child will win a competition, but the results can be amazing

Here are some places you can find writing competitions:

  • we post any we hear about on our Facebook page
  • local libraries often host competitions, or post about them via their Youth Librarian
  • State & National libraries
  • look at your local council website and local newspaper
  • websites and Facebook pages of publishers and book review websites

This is just a start. If you know any other places to add to this list, please add a comment.

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