May 19, 2021

Create an Alien

Creating weird and wonderful characters are a great way to kickstart the imagination, especially when you have nothing to base your character on.

Aliens are one character that can be explored as you’re not limited by mythology.

Some kids will start with a stereotype of a green man from Mars, however, if you encourage them to go beyond the stereotype, then they can come up with something amazing.

When creating their alien, a few things to consider:

  • what planet does the alien live on?
  • what does the alien look like?
  • how does the alien communicate?
  • does the alien have a space ship, or do they live on their planet and not travel?
  • how old is your alien?

As well as writing about their alien, children can also draw a picture.

Once the alien is created, encourage your child to write a story. The story could be about any aspect of the alien’s life. Some suggestions include:

  • a day in the life of your alien
  • their first encounter with a human
  • what it’s like to fly in their space ship
  • what they think of earth or a planet that is not their own

As there isn’t the mythology around aliens in the same way as there is with creatures like dragons, unicorns, or similar creatures, kids can have a lot of fun letting their imagination run wild. Remember, aliens may exist on planets we don’t even know exist!

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