June 18, 2021

Create a Story ‘Bible’

If you’re working on a novel, it can be hard to stay consistent and remember all the details for your characters and settings. To do this, it can be helpful to create a Story ‘Bible’.

A Story Bible is the place where you keep track of details such as:

  • Character names and profiles
  • Family tree
  • Character profiles including things that are important to each character
  • Map of your setting, or multiple maps
  • Details of the world you have created
  • Information about any mythical creatures in the story, especially any you have created
  • Details of rules such as time travel, intergalactic travel, or anything else that is special for your book
  • Anything else that you need to remember

Your Story Bible can be made up of images as well as lists, maps, and anything else you may need.

There are many details that you’ll need to remember when writing your book and a Story Bible will save you a lot of time trying to keep track of everything. It will also help when you’re editing your story to keep everything consistent. You can also pass your Story Bible to your editor so they know what was in your mind.

If you’re writing a short story, then a Story Bible isn’t something you’ll need, unless you’re writing a series of short stories set in the same fictional universe or using the same characteres.

A Story Bible is also helpful if you’re planning a series of novels so you can keep things consistent from book to book. You don’t want fans contacting you to find out why your main character has changed from a wizard to an elf between books!

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