October 4, 2021

Bring It On (Play Like A Girl #!)

By Jo Stanley


Play Like a Girl is a celebration of Aussie girls kicking goals in the sport they love! This trailblazing new series is proudly brought to you in partnership with the AFLW.

The series begins with the coming together of the new Millsborough West Youth Girls Football Team. The Flyers will bring 18 girls together, from different schools, different backgrounds and with differing skills and footy experience, all under the kind but eccentric leadership of their coach Shawna McKinnon, whose team building and training methods seem weird and often hilarious to the girls. The Milly West Flyers are a true reflection of the suburb they live in. Of the 18 that join to make up the full side, 6 girls bond quickly, and it’s these 6 girls that the series focuses on. Each book is told from the perspective of one of these 6, all with a very different take on footy.


Who says girls can’t play footy? This is wonderful story that follows the journey of a diverse group of girls who are brought together by one thing – their love of football.

This book has a strong message about trying new things, finding your passion, being part of a team, and starting a new school. It encourages kids to have a go, even if you need to look a bit silly sometimes.

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