Book Corner

One of the best ways to learn about writing is to read stories written by other authors. You can see how authors have created characters, settings, and dealt with different topics and issues.

Reading widely, outside your favourite book & genre, is important as it encourages writers to explore different styles and genre while finding their voice.

The Junior Writers Club book corner will feature the Book of the Week that is in our e-newsletter, as well as tips and information to get your child reading.

The Lady with the Lamp

By Jane Smith Blurb: London! When Simone invites Carly and Dora to stay with her parents in England on holiday, they’re looking forward to an

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Zombie Inspiration

By Adam Wallace Blurb: Join me, Adam Wallace, as I journey into the apocalypse, where I discover just how AWESOME and INSPIRATIONAL zombies really are.

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Song Bird Drought Rescue

By Karen Tyrrell Blurb: Rosie, aka Song Bird superhero, must save the outback from the drought.Animals are dying, water’s disappearing, dinosaurs are stampeding, and now

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The Stranger Within

By GC Johnson Blurb: Olivia Jenkins and Sam Wayne used to be the closest of friends until their friendship ended abruptly the summer before high

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3… 2… 1… Done!

By Melissa Gijsbers Blurb: Tony has a problem – a problem called George, who happens to be his little brother, who happens to fake being

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Cinnamon Stevens Ghost Light

By Pauline Hosking Blurb: When Cinnamon’s Year 7 class has an excursion to the old gold-mining town of Walhalla in Gippsland, trouble-maker Showy Daniels dares

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