Book Corner

One of the best ways to learn about writing is to read stories written by other authors. You can see how authors have created characters, settings, and dealt with different topics and issues.

Reading widely, outside your favourite book & genre, is important as it encourages writers to explore different styles and genre while finding their voice.

The Junior Writers Club book corner will feature the Book of the Week that is in our e-newsletter, as well as tips and information to get your child reading.

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The Strongest Boy

By Renee Irving Lee Blurb: Max believes he is the strongest boy in the world! He can do all sorts of tough tricks, like showing

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Lizzy’s Dragon

By Melissa Gijsbers Blurb: Lizzy is disappointed that her mum will not let her have a pet lizard. When she finds an odd looking egg

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Ruby Lane

By RJ Simon Blurb: Ruby is overexcited again, and her brain is spinning creative ideas so fast it feels like her head could explode! Luckily,

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Zombies Alive

By P L Ueckerman Blurb: When nine-year-old Felix installs the “Zombies Alive” add-on to his favourite computer game, he finds out that zombies are messy

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You Can Be a Writer

By Teena Raffa-Mulligan Blurb: Anyone can write stories. You can too! Writing stories is like having an adventure. This book will lead you on your

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The Me You Don’t See

By Sam Matthews, Illustrated by Shez Kennington Blurb: Some people say I am oppositional, disrespectful and uncooperative. That’s the me you see. What you don’t

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Secret Agent Lexie

By Christine Morris Blurb: Lexie is almost ten years old. She loves being a secret agent and solving mysteries from disappearing cat biscuits, catching a

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Hijabi Girl

By Hazel Edwards and Ozge Alkan Blurb: Melek always finds answers, some are under her super hijab. For others she needs the help of newcomer

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