Book Corner

One of the best ways to learn about writing is to read stories written by other authors. You can see how authors have created characters, settings, and dealt with different topics and issues.

Reading widely, outside your favourite book & genre, is important as it encourages writers to explore different styles and genre while finding their voice.

The Junior Writers Club book corner will feature the Book of the Week that is in our e-newsletter, as well as tips and information to get your child reading.

The Missing Ace

By Cosentino, Jack Heath, and James Hart Blurb: Cosentino’s performances at his run-down old theatre attract the wrong kind of attention when the Ace of

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Pig Dude

By Michael Wagner & Adam Nickel Blurb: ‘You are good at many things,’ Mama said. ‘In fact, you can do anything.’ Mama truly believes in

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Stop the Dad Jokes!

By Adrian Beck, illustrated by Simon Greiner Blurb: A Father’s Day picture book from funny guy Adrian Beck that will have the whole family laughing.

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Wildest Book Week Ever

By Heath McKenzie Blurb: It’s Book Week! The time to dress up as your favourite character. Who goes too far? Who doesn’t go far enough?

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