Melissa Gijsbers

Zeroes & Ones

Blurb: Fuelled by pizza, late nights and unparalleled geekery, this is the history of some of the most important milestones in the development of technology – from the earliest computers made of piano wires and pulleys to Wikileaks and smartphones. Packed with weird facts, astonishing tidbits and extraordinary anecdotes, travel […]

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Oma & Opa’s Song

By Jenny Gillan Blurb: A story of separation and connection during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. The world indeed is big and scary but love and kindness seeps through in the most unexpected of places. This song has kept us connected though my boys still miss ‘squishy hugs’. Video calls […]

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The Gribble’s Gift

by N.J. Tierney Blurb: Rumours abound. Voices have been heard. People have gone missing, or was it only one, a child, a girl wasn’t it? She was lost in the dark, mystifying Tanglemire Forest. But that was 20 years ago… still… the rumours persist. Thirteen year old Ebony is home […]

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September Comp – Winner!

Congratulations to the winner of our September Creative Writing Competition. Amelia Witkowski, age 10, from NSW, has won a copy of The Gribbles Gift by N.J. Tierney with her story ‘The Fairy Wren’. N.J. Tierney said she really liked Amelia’s writing style and her use of descriptive words was very […]

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