Melissa Gijsbers

Baking Biscuits

Baking is a fun activity for children to do with their parents, with a delicious result. Write a story about baking biscuits. You could write about the process or about the result. To inspire you, here are some recipes for biscuits from

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Bring It On (Play Like A Girl #!)

By Jo Stanley Blurb: Play Like a Girl is a celebration of Aussie girls kicking goals in the sport they love! This trailblazing new series is proudly brought to you in partnership with the AFLW. The series begins with the coming together of the new Millsborough West Youth Girls Football […]

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Birthday Present

Birthday presents are usually carefully chosen and wrapped for the birthday person. Imagine it’s your birthday. Write a story about the year you accidentally received a gift for someone else. What did you receive, and did you decide to keep it, or find the intended owner? Did they receive your […]

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The Missing Ace

By Cosentino, Jack Heath, and James Hart Blurb: Cosentino’s performances at his run-down old theatre attract the wrong kind of attention when the Ace of Spades dashes through the door begging to be saved from the clutches of the evil two-headed King! When Cosentino is captured he’s thrown into the […]

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Pig Dude

By Michael Wagner & Adam Nickel Blurb: ‘You are good at many things,’ Mama said. ‘In fact, you can do anything.’ Mama truly believes in Pig Dude, but can he really do anything? There’s only one way to find out. It’s time for Pig Dude to attempt the IMPOSSIBLE! Follow […]

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Pirate Map Adventure

You discover a pirate map in an unusual place – inside an old book, in a bottle washed up on the beach, or somewhere else. You have no idea who the pirate is, or what the treasure will be, but you decide to follow it to see where it takes […]

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