April 6, 2021

April 2021

Our April 2021 issue of The Clubhouse has been completed and is on its way to subscribers. There are 12 pages packed full of writing tips, stories and poems by young writers, writing and reading prompts, and more for your enjoyment.

Inside this issue:

Writing Tips:

  • Unusual Chocolate flavours
  • Writing Prompts – Chocolate
  • Write in Character by Teena Raffa-Mulligan
  • How to Write a Book Review by Maura Pierlot
  • Tips for School Students Writing Their Own Books by Hazel Edwards
  • Sidekicks?
  • Reading Prompts – Chocolate
  • Where can I publish book reviews?

Stories by Young Writers

  • Soft Ploys by Connor B, Victoria
  • Nothing Like I’d Ever Seen Before Part 2 by Charlotte L, Victoria
  • Coco and the Rainbow Serpent by Kaydn B, Western Australia
  • I Wanna Whale by Tatijana D, New South Wales
  • Author Poem by Florance K, New South Wales
  • Building a Sandcastle by Lalu H, Victoria

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