A Most Unusual Pet

A Most Unusual Pet

Pets are awesome, although when most people think of a pet, they generally think of dogs, cats, birds, or fish.

What about a pet thylacine, hedgehog, alien, or even a pet ruler?

In this anthology, forty-two talented young writers from around Australia share stories about their unusual pets.


Adrina Maharjan, Alexandria White, Amelia Rickard, April Langdon Armi Black, Brian Paek, Charlotte Lewis, Chloe Barnes, Christopher Montana, Crystal Lee, Florance Krestava, Gabrielle Thomson, Giselle Dueza, Hannah Thomson, Imani Benfell, James Lewis, Jason Yuen, Jeremy Barrow, Katie Hollyoak, Kaydn Barrow, Lachlan Dearing, Lucy Gallagher, Matilda Foster, Matilda Miles, Meg Allan, Milla Hughes, Molly Hay, Naomi Leszczynska, Oliver Willis, Oviya Muhunthan, Rochelle Tao, Rozen Mijares, Senuli Wickramasinghe, Sophia White, Stella McGuane, Steph Michaud, Taiya Hughes, Tara Cheong, Tatijana Dagarin, Thomas Portors, William Johnstone, Zoe Karkanis

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