A Funny Thing Happened…

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way To…

  • Chickens riding goats
  • Exploding rubbish bins
  • Interior decorating monkeys
  • Magical vortex into another realm
  • Online classes for school

During 2020, 35 talented young Australian writers found the funny side to life in isolation. With stories that include everything from trips to the dog park, toilet, kitchen, online classes, computer games, and more, these young writers show that while life in lockdown can be boring and frustrating, it can also be funny and, in some cases, exciting.


Abigail Page, Alanah Raven, Amelia Rickard, Angela Tao, Ashlee Moyses, Bonnie Brooks, Bonnie Macpherson, Caitlin Keele, Charlotte Liddicoat, Charlotte Lewis, Dean Liddicoat, Elisabeth Swann, Eliza Condie, Elizabeth Levey, Ella Keele, Florance Krasteva, Haylee Booker, Imani Benfell, Isla Jakeman, Jack Condie, Lily Malcolm, Meg Allan, Nicole Trawicka, Patrick Jirgen, Poppy Smith, Poppy Ruyg, Sam Jakeman, Sam Drew, Shae Hughes, Sophia Levey, Taiya Hughes, Zoe Mawhinney

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I thoroughly enjoyed reading these adventurous tales that come straight from the young minds and imaginations of talented young writers from Australia. I’m still smiling as I realize that after reading this wonderful Anthology, my limited view of animals, Mentos & Coca-cola has expanded & will never be the same. Great read!

Sheeda K – Florida, USA