June 9, 2021

Add a Zombie…

There is a meme that goes around social media from time to time along the lines of – pick a book/movie and write ‘with a zombie’ to the end. Sometimes the zombie is replaced with chainsaw, or some other creature or object.

If your child is having trouble with the story the are writing, or coming up with an idea, invite them to add a zombie, dragon, dinosaur, or some other unusual creature to a title and see where the story goes.

It doesn’t matter if your child has never read the book. For example, what sort of story would Gone with the Wind with a Zombie, or Anne of Green Gables with a Dinosaur be?

Invite your child to pick a book off your bookshelf at home and use that title and add their own version of ‘with a zombie’, and then write the story. They can be as creative as they like, after all, I’m not sure the last time I did anything with a zombie (and I’ve been reliably informed that teenage boys don’t count).

The biggest tip – have fun with this story. If one title isn’t working, then pick another book, or another creature, and give that one a try.

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